What we Offer

Turnkey Projects

We offer turnkey solutions for many industrial applications. We can handle every stage of the project from concept to commission, ensuring the highest quality and seamless integration.

Automation and Packaging

Robotics is revolutionising the packaging industry. The potential for productivity and profitability cannot be matched. We provide solutions for a variety industrial control, monitoring and packaging applications.

System Integration

We pride ourselves in being Systems Intergrators (SI), for some of the largest brands in the engineering industry. Conveyors, Sensors, Labeling, 2D and 3D optics are just some of the available technologies.

Mechanical Design

Detailed mechanical design and calculations, using the highest of industry standards and computer aided design (CAD).

Electronic and Robotic Design

Electronic and circuit design, which when coupled with actuators and sensors virtually any robotic function can be achieved.

Computer Programming and App Development

We offer programming in many of the most popular programming languages, as well as development of Apps for Android and iOS specifically designed for the industrial sector.

Areas of Expertise

Robotic Production

Robots are highly efficient and reliable. Currently we offer Robotic Palletizing, Handling(Pick and Place), Bin Picking, Inspection, Packaging, Bottling, Labelling, Spray Painting and Welding.


Programable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces and Variable Frequency Drives make up the fundamental control components of most production processes.

Sensors, Actuators and Conveyors

Sensors are critical components which give feedback to the controller used for decision making or condition monitoring.
Actuators and conveyors are the final pieces required to manipulate and manage the flow of the product through the production process.




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